Scouting Guide

Scouting Guide for Problems of Apple


Apple Fruit Diseases Appearing at Harvest - PPFS-FR-T-2

Apple Scab -  PPFS-FR-T-13

Fire Blight - PPFS-FR-T-12

Fire Blight of Apple -  Video

Frogeye Leaf Spot, Black Rot and Canker of Apple - PPFS-FR-T-3

Rust Diseases of Apple - PPFS-FR-T-05

Rust of Apple - Video


Wooly Apple Aphid - ENT-219

Periodical Cicadas in Kentucky - ENT - 446

Leafrollers - ENT-216

Green Fruitworms - ENT-214

Leafhoppers on Apples - ENT-215

Controlling Apple Insect Pests - ENT-201

Codling Moth - ENT-203

San Jose Scale - ENT-204

European Red Mite - ENT-205

Rosy Apple Aphid - ENT-211

Oriental Fruit Moth - ENT-212

Plum Curculio - ENT-202

Fruit Insects Calendar for Kentucky

Management & Production Guides (Commercial)

Apple Production: Best Management Practices - ID-137

Commercial Apple Fungicide Schedule Worksheet - PPFS-FR-T-19

Commercial Fruit Pest Management Guide - ID-232

Effectiveness of Apple Fungicides Table - PPFS-FR-T-15

Fruit, Orchard and Vineyard Sanitation - PPFS-GEN-05

Fungicides for Tree Fruits - PPFS-FR-T-11

IPM Scouting Guide for Common Problems of Apple (2.6 MB) - ID-219

Midwest Tree Fruit Pest Management Handbook - ID-93

Midwest Tree Fruit Pest Management Handbook - ID-93

Rootstocks for Kentucky Fruit Trees HO - 82

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