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Insect Trap Data

Insect Trap Data

Historical Kentucky IPM Insect Trap Data

Historical Insect Trap Data

Since 1993, the University of Kentucky Integrated Pest Management Program has collect data from insect pheromone traps. Pheromone traps can show when the adults of certain pest species are flying. Numbers of individuals captured are NOT directly related to damage levels in crops. This is especially true of regional trapping. However, over several seasons you can obtain the background data for many species that will indicate heavy, light or normal captures of the insect. Pheromone traps can help in determining if and when a pest is present in your fields.

The following data, insect trap counts, from 1993 till the present, were collected at the University of Kentucky Research and Education Center located in Caldwell County in western Kentucky. The geographic location of the Research Center is N: 37° 06' 01" / W: 087° 51' 13" / Alt: 550ft. Traps were checked on a weekly basis. Starting in 2007, data is also available for traps located at the University of Kentucky Spindletop Research Farm in Lexington, KY. A modified Texas cone trap was used for all insects except the Southwestern corn borer and Fall armyworm which used a green (Universal) bucket trap

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To view the data that includes temperature and accumulated degree days you will need Microsoft Excel®.

For additional information on the insect trap data visit the Appendix & Glossary.

Insect trap data are provided for educational purposes only. Weather data provided by the University of Kentucky Agricultural Weather Center. Weather data if used for legal purposes must be certified by NCDC, National Climate Data Center.

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